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Frequently Asked Questions

Improving Your Existing Website

I already have a web site. What can you do for me?
Contact us for a free consultation and we will look at your site from an outsider viewpoint with best business practices and your customers in mind.

I don't want to change hosts. Can you still help me?
We know it can be a hassle to change hosts and point domains in a new direction. We do not provide hosting and have no specific relationships with hosting companies. So if you are happy with your host, you can keep it. And even if we recommend a new host, you own it, you control it. We do not bundle your site with other customers. Want us to take a look? Contact us for a free consultation

Need better content?
Good content is the key to a great website and returning visitors. It also bumps you up in search engine results. Text is cheap ... you can add lots of text content to your site for relatively little money. What content would be of interest to your audience? Look at your newsletters, trade/industry publications, frequently asked questions by your customers. Is your web site low on content or is is your content out of date? We can help.

Need new features and applications?
It's the details and functionality that make the difference. What new features would be useful to customers? What new features would help your productivity? Are there new applications, database functions, etc that would help your business? Let us help you add interactivity and functionality to your web site.

Need a facelift or reorganization?
You've got great content and your site was the cutting edge three years ago but now it looks dated and stale. Or your web site looks like every other web site. Your site started out small but has grown and grown and now the old navigation system just doesn't work well. Often, a total redesign is not necessary but just a touch-up and reorganization. We can help.

Need better search results?
If your existing website was developed with a template and common content management systems, you may not be taking advantage of the benefits of organic search engine optimization. There are many ways to improve a site's ranking without paying for clicks or paying "SEO experts". We can usually help you improve in this area without a major redesign. We can help.

We can help you improve or redesign your site. We can help you develop applications and online solutions to reduce costs and improve productivity. We can help you do e-commerce/e-business and develop applications to support your business.