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Frequently Asked Questions

Developing Your Website

Why do I need a website?
A website is one of the most effective forms of advertising available and it is one of the most efficient ways to make information available to clients, customers, distributors and employees. Instead of spending large amounts of money producing newsletters, brochures, memos, product booklets, catalogs, etc., businesses are pointing people to their website where they can quickly add and change information.

I'm overwhelmed. Where do I start?

We will guide you through the entire process. We bring 20+ years of experience and a full range of Web development and marketing services to help you through this process. Let's break it down.

Can't I just do this myself?
Yes, do-it-yourself is an option. However, the learning curve is steep and the results often do not meet expectations. When you value your time and compare it to our cost-effective, experienced solutions, we nearly always offer the better value.

Can't our in-house IT tech people develop our site?
Sometimes. However, most IT departments prefer to hire an outside firm. The reasons are varied: time/budget constraints, lack of artistic ability, benefits of outside viewpoint. We have deep business experience and an IT background.

What is a domain name and how do I get one?
A domain name is the website address people use to find your company. We will help you register a unique domain name for your site or you can do this yourself by using a service such as GoDaddy. Domain names are vanishing at a rapid rate, so you may need to be creative. You can also register multiple domain names and have them all point to the same site. Domain names are cheap. Don't overpay.

How will people find my site?
Most people think only of Google search, but you should also commit to using your domain name (website address) in all conventional marketing and advertising materials. We will properly title your pages and add meta tags and descriptions to make your site search engine friendly. When we develop your site, we register it with Google and submit your site map.

What is hosting? Do I need a server?
The host is the computer or server that "houses" your website. For security reasons, we no longer recommend or support in-house servers for hosting. It is better to use a dedicated hosting company. We do not offer in-house hosting, but will guide you to a hosting company. We are not partnered with any particular company, but we do know the companies that perform best.

Can I see my site while it is under development?
Yes, we will provide you a test web address and ask for your comments and feedback at various steps in the process. No surprises. Your site does not "go live" until you have approved it.

How much do you charge?
Each project is unique and some websites are more complex than others. We price jobs on a project basis determined by the needs and requirements. After an initial free consultation we will provide you with an estimate. Then we will work with you to develop your site within that budget and we will keep you posted on additional costs that may arise. The more work you do up front (eg proper planning, thinking about navigation and content and how the site should function etc) the lower your final cost.

Do I own and control my website?
Yes. We require that you own and are responsible for payment for your domain name and hosting. After your site goes live, you own it. If you choose to work with another company in the future, you are not bundled with us. All code is open source. Note: Copyright to the finished web pages and underlying source code (intellectual property) produced by us is owned by Web Design Carolinas until final payment has been received. Upon final payment, you own the website and all code.

Will a website improve my bottom line?
Yes if you work it and realize that a website is not a "one and done". You need to update it and refresh it on a regular basis. Do not depend solely on search engine traffic to bring visitors to your site. You must promote your website in your own marketing. A website is a necessity. Your customers expect it. But in addition to sales, your website can improve productivity, efficiency, communication, distribution and customer support.